Verse of the Day 20th July – Day 142

Published July 20, 2020 by dmc1 in Psalm
Psalm 142:5-6 (TLB)
Then I prayed to Jehovah. 
    “Lord,” I pled, “you are my only place of refuge. 
     Only you can keep me safe.
“Hear my cry, 
    for I am very low. 
Rescue me from my persecutors, 
    for they are too strong for me.
Psalm 141:1-3 (GNT)
I call to you, Lord; help me now!
    Listen to me when I call to you.
Receive my prayer as incense,
    my uplifted hands as an evening sacrifice.
Lord, place a guard at my mouth,
    a sentry at the door of my lips.

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