Are you OK? R U O K …

R U O K uses this mobile number: 083 850 8550

R U O K is a mechanism to support a lifestyle of serving each other in God’s family.

RUOK is not a group of people. It is a mechanism for any of us to use at any time to help and support each other in our Christian walk through the struggles of this life as part of God’s family. If you become a giver, you can choose to give if and whenever you want, or not.

Sometimes we are not good at asking for help when we are struggling, but RUOK hopes to support and develop an attitude of observing and listening to each other, so that when we see others struggling, we respond by looking to the gifts and services that our church family has on offer that can support this situation, and carry the load together.

R U O K ….  How can I help you?

Loving each other is not a service to be advertised as being offered by the Church.

It is a lifestyle of serving each other.. there is no one group that does it…everyone is called to do it.. and RUOK is a mechanism to support this lifestyle choice

But how can we care if we don’t know?  Download a fuller information sheet here (pdf).

R U O K uses this mobile number: 083 850 8550

The mobile number will take requests from anybody for help of any kind.

RUOK Projects

Please give your number to RUOK at 083 8508550 if you have a request or would be happy to help out from time to time with any of the projects listed below:            (July 2017)


The RUOK asks anyone who wouldn’t mind cooking a meal every now and then for another member of the congregation who might be in need, such as someone who might be ill, or elderly or perhaps has just had a baby, to drop the frozen meal/s into the RUOK freezer in the main kitchen at any time, and they will be distributed weekly to those who could do with a little support in that week .. Matthew 25:35-40


The RUOK sends out requests to the church family asking for help with giving a fellow congregation member a lift, perhaps to church on a Sunday or to a doctor’s appointment or the shop, as needed. This may be for people who might temporarily need some help with lifts, and it may also be for those who might need regular lifts … serving .. Romans 15:2

Support & Encouragement

Requests for support and encouragement to church members who might be low and struggling, are taken and actioned by RUOK. We all walk our dark valleys in life and Jesus calls us to bear one anothers’ burdens as a lifestyle choice … Galatians 6:2

Random Act of Love

Every now and then the RUOK picks a name from a hat to receive a random gift of love from the congregation, such as some home grown flowers or perhaps a baked item. In this way we acknowledge one another, honouring each other above ourselves ..Romans 12:10.

Visiting the Sick

The RUOK supports and manages visits to those in our congregation who are sick. If you have an interest in serving in this way please let The Preacher, The Pastoral Care Minister or the RUOK know and you will be most welcome to join in the visiting .. Matthew 25:35-40

Any Requests for Help

RUOK takes requests for practical help of any kind. These are sent to the congregation and willing helpers amazingly respond with offers to help. God is good, our Church Family has many gifts and we are richly blessed by serving one another… Love with actions and in truth … 1 John 3:18

R U O K uses this mobile number: 083 850 8550

The mobile number will take requests from anybody for help of any kind.