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Review of Church Life and Mission

As we prepare to resume on-site and in-person ministry after a long pause, please take time to reflect on:
What have we lost and want to restore?
What have we lost and don’t want back?
What have we gained and want to keep?
What have we gained and happy to let go?

These questions relate to every aspect of church life as individuals or as part of a church group.
You can complete a questionnaire here or email Rev. Stephen Taylor directly.

These responses will help the Church Council to make informed decisions about church life.

Regular Worship Services

Sunday 16 May 2021 on Zoom 11.00am
Elevate-style service, led by Grace Percy.
Topic: Psalm 1.
(Chat from 10:45)

Prayer Ministry – Sunday Mornings
Each Sunday after the service, members of the DMC Prayer Team will be available for prayer ministry. If you would like someone to pray with you, simply stay on the Zoom call at the end of the service, and two members of the team will be able to pray privately and confidentially with you.

Please note as our response to the Level 5 lockdown all church meetings will be online until further notice. Details of Zoom services are included in our weekly News sheet.

A People’s Vaccine

A petition for Europeans
Mentioned by Stephen on Sunday 7 March Click on the image below

Weekly Activities

Wherever possible, mid-week fellowship, Bible study and prayer meetings continue online and are notified to members directly.

The food bank is currently in need of coffee, sugar and baked beans. It would be great if you are able to provide some of these items and thank you all for the incredible support.

The drop off times for the food bank are usually on Monday, from 4pm-6pm but if the church porch is open, feel free to leave the food in the Crossfire drop off basket.

Open Door – Zoom, Thursday 11am
10@10 Monday to Friday – Say a short hello  & connect with others.
Tuesday evening prayer and Bible study
Mums in prayer . Thursday 9am
Sunday School – Zoom, 10.30am
Young Adults Bible Study – Zoom Wednesday 8pm
Friday morning prayer, 7am
Forever Friends – Zoom meeting every fortnight

For more information, please use the contact form. There are also regular devotions on YouTube and Facebook including the series based on our Psalm a Day through Covid-19.

If you would like to talk to someone about your concerns, please contact us using the form here.
Church Giving during Covid-19

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