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We have lots of youth activities available for those in secondary school which are headed up by our youth pastor, Andrew and a fantastic youth team!

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Here is a link to a picture from our End of Year Youth Party on 27 of May 2017


Fusion is our ‘hang-out’ youth group which takes place every Saturday night, 6:30-8:30pm. Come and meet up with friends, play pool, watch movies, enjoy ‘themed’ nights, trips away, pizza, games….
Bring €1 to cover costs.

Discussion Groups

During our 10am Sunday Services we have Discussion Groups available for those in 1st – 3rd year.
At the 11.30am services our teenagers stay in for the sermon.


A few pictures from the last year

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5 days ago

Dundrum Youth

Fusion is back on this Saturday 6:30-8:30 and its Pancakes and Boardgames night!! feel free to bring a boardgame if you have favourite one... See you there! ...

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6 days ago

Dundrum Youth

Some great photos from Autumn Soul this year, see if you can spot yourself!Autumn Soul 18 | FEARLESS
October 26-28th | Bangor, N.Ireland
Autumn Soul is IMYC's National event for 13-18 year olds and is unashamedly about God and discipleship. This year we discovered that God's perfect love overcomes all our fears and sets us free to live out His amazing purpose for our lives!

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2 weeks ago

Dundrum Youth

Hey Guys if you're inbetween 12-30 and come to Fusion or other Dundrum stuff, it would be great if you could take a few mins to fill this in...Nearly 100 young people have completed The Big Survey! Why are we asking young people to take part? (Read more below..) 🙋 🔈
→ 25 Years Later: How Have Young People's Views Changed? In 1993 the Youth and Children’s Department of the Methodist Church In Ireland carried out a survey to hear young people’s views on the church and how it impacts their life and society. 25 years later we are repeating that survey! Why? The report that was produced in 1993 was called ‘Will our faith have children?’ That question is even more relevant today, as we navigate what it looks like as church to pass on faith to the next generation.

→ This survey is just one part of a larger piece of research IMYC is carrying out over the next year. We will also be producing a youth group session to discover some of the ‘why’s?’ behind there survey responses, we will be hearing the voice of children, carrying out some interviews with young adults and focus groups with parents.

→ We may have asked slightly different questions if we had been writing it now, but to be able to compare the results we are sticking with the original! If there is anything else you wish to comment on that you feel the questions don’t cover please do so at the end!

→ So we need your help - complete or share this survey to any 12-30 year olds you have in your networks and keep an eye out for the other resources that will come your way during the year!

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